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Here are some “frequently asked questions”

1) What is a “clay bar” ?
It’s a bar of clay especially made for cleaning contaminates and grime from paint as well as smoothing it.
2) What is a full detail ?
This includes; washing the body, tires and rims, claying the paint surface, polishing and wax.
shampooing and cleaning the entire interior; seats, carpets, mats, headliner, dashboard, door panels, trunk, e.t.c.
3) What is a “full car wash” ?
This includes; washing the exterior, cleaning the rims, tires, windows clean inside & out, vacuum, wiping dashboard and console, and tires dressed with silicone.
4) How long does a car wash take ?
Typically between 20-30 minutes
5) What is “speed glaze” ?
It’s a Carnubba wax in a liquid form that’s sprayed on the paint, it’s for protection and for luster (additional $5 )